You have to love digital.


Do you have an old snapshot that you want to "jazz-up"? Bring it to us and we'll work our magic on it.  We'll fix any fading or scratches and give you a color, black and white or drawing of your snapshot suitable for framing.

Tired of all those slides or negatives?  Do you want an electronic version of your snapshots?  Do you want to share your photos online in Facebook or Flickr? Do you want to protect your photos from fire and other disasters? Let us digitize your items for you.  Give us a stack of stuff and we'll give you back a DVD (along with the originals of course). Each item is scanned by hand, with a real person making any adjustments.

The perfect complement for digital picture frames and digital photo albums.
Not sure how to get your photos on your new frame?  Bring it in and we'll show you!

Scanning and basic restoration costs $.95 per loose snapshot, negative or slide with a minimum charge of $50.  Large orders may be eligible for a negotiated price. Slides may be in a carousel. Most negative sizes (35mm, medium format ...) can be scanned.  Basic restoration includes red eye removal and minor color adjustment due to fading.  Items should be clean and in reasonably good shape. Significant restoration, cleaning, removal or addition of items, enlargements and printing available and quoted on an individual basis.

Once your photos are digitized, consider a PhotoShow. If a PhotoShow is ordered, scanning fees are decreased to $.80 per loose snapshot.  Photos can also be arranged in a Photo Book (prices quoted on an individual basis).

Preserve your memories for the 21st century!