A picture's worth...


You know the saying. You drove them to practice, sat through games with the sun beating down and through games that could've used some sun.  You celebrated each victory and cheered them up at each defeat.  And all the while, you learned rules to games that you never cared about before and bought more Gatorade than you ever thought possible.

We know it's all worth it, so wouldn't you like some quality photographs to look back on when they're all grown up? Remember: you can always sell them on eBay when they go pro!

Looking for something special? Have a photographer out to one of your games.  Action shots will be available in the Online Gallery for parents to view and purchase.  Photos are mailed directly to you.  Photos can be made into trading cards and magazine covers. Entire Team:  the only charge for this is the purchase price of the photos.  However, each parent must agree to have his or her child photographed and the majority must be interested in purchasing photographs.  The coach or team parent is responsible for sharing viewing and ordering information with the other adults and helping the photographer identify the children. Individual Parents:  hire a personal photographer for just your child.  For $75 a game, you will receive a disc with full-resolution files for yourself and posting online for friends and relatives to view and purchase. Either way, the Online Gallery is password protected, so only the people you want can see the photos.

Traditional team photos are also available. We offer three packages - each $25 - which include an Memory Mate (individual picture, a team picture), 8 wallets and a photo button.